Gilded Audio


About Gilded Audio.


About Gilded Audio

We specialize in storytelling through audio. We’ve been a reliable audio production partner since 2013.


Our Services


- Sound Design

- Audio Engineering

- Audio Product Development

- Audio for Animation

- Library Music

- Commercial Music Production

- Radio Advertising

- Podcast Consulting

- Branded Podcasts

- Location Recording

- Podcast Production

- Podcast Mixing and Mastering

- Remote Recording

- Binaural Recording

- Ambisonic Recordings

- Location Recording

- Dialogue Editing

- Audio Post Production


Our Team


Andrew Chugg -
Executive Producer: Podcasts & Ads

Andrew Chugg is a podcast producer, sound designer and music producer. Andrew has served as Executive Producer on original shows for Spotify, The Washington Post, Panoply, Slate and more. His record production discography includes titles with Sacred Bones Records, Mexican Summer, Wharfcat and Dull Tools. Andrew is an executive member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Contact -


Dan Rosato -
Executive Producer: Film Audio & Licensing

Dan Rosato is a composer, sound designer and mix engineer. Whether recording the field, experimenting in the studio, performing onstage or hacking electronics in the dark, he is obsessed with finding and creating new sounds. He has performed and created work for the Queens Museum, Performa Arts and ANTfest. His film and video work has screened at festivals internationally including Sundance, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, DocNYC and many more. Contact -


Whitney Donaldson - Podcast Producer

Whitney Donaldson develops, records, edits, and occasionally mixes podcasts and audio ads. She's worked as a producer and managing producer on projects for Spotify, The Washington Post, Slate, theSkimm, and Longreads. A frequent collaborator with Gilded, she previously worked at Panoply as a producer on the branded content team. Contact -


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your rates?

A: We don’t have set rates. Each project is unique and we prefer to work with our collaborators to determine a suitable rate based on the scope and constraints of the project.


Q: Do work in the studio only?

A: Nope. We’ve got a great sounding, compact 10 channel mobile recording rig that allows for field recording in a wide variety of locations.


Q: Is your studio available for hourly rent?

A: Unfortunately not.


Q: Do you have OMF/AAF specifications?

A: Yup.


Q: Are you able to record / mix / produce binaural, ambisonic, 5.1 or other cool 3D audio formats?


A: Yes! We’ve got binaural and ambisonic microphones, and our studio is calibrated for 5.1 playback.


Q: Will you create custom music for my project?

A: Yes! All you gotta do is email us.


Q: Ok, so what’s the deal with your music library?

A: We work with several artists to regularly fill the library with fantastic original music. It is not typical stock music. Seriously, give it a listen.


Q: Do you handle distribution and monetization of podcasts?

A: No, but we can help guide you in this process.


Q: Can you produce podcasts in Spanish?

A: Yes!


Q: Do you have an in-house creative that will respond to branded podcast RFPs?


A: Yes!